Seasons Change

by Blaksmith

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released November 23, 2019

Mixed and Mastered By Eddie Logix


all rights reserved



Blaksmith Detroit, Michigan

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Track Name: Seasons Change ft. Rah Fraser
First the trees change
Then the leaves change
And your friends change
Best believe change
You got a blessing coming
You gon see man, wait and see man
We gon see man
When you at the bottom that's when you need change
I dun seen tears, I den seen pain
I need a pick me up, I need alone time
Call the weed man, roll some weed man

(Verse 1)
Den did it before
Turn nothing to something
When the summer gone but you gotta sun coming
To Balance the scale got your own brother on the buttons
And he got this bitch jumping, got me out another rut
That's fall homie, I give it all homie
I ain't got time to waste that's why my is racing
No hibernation, it's a go time
Yeah that pregnant sex is so bomb
Ima miss that, wanna kiss that
Yeah I spit that for the impact
Nigga sit back cause this laid back
This that James Brown, this that pay back
This that Coltrane on them train tracks
Propane flame miss them old days on them 8-tracks
Split yo wig back
Eight maniacs strapped black with ghats
Puff Daddy, take that

(Verse Two)
Had to fall back focus on my relationships
Get my mind together
Self care take a break from shit
Hell yeah this my Jesus year
This my Yeezus year
I might need a pair to walk in my path
Shirley Caesar said
That next I'm in line, hold the line
I'm so divine
Dreams never die I stay pursuing mine
Hum Du Allah, glory to God
I'm so in love, I'm so aligned
I'm so alive, beatin the odds
Im going hard hold my feet to the fire
My feet lookin tired, from hitting the ground
Been holdin it down for some time now
Antonio Brown, I ain't messing around
Antonio Brown, I ain't messing around
For the rest of life my son and my wife
We gettin by, we doing fine

Track Name: Old Jag ft. Illingsworth
Driving a new car
Pushin it like a old jag
Having a new baby
Feeling like a old dad
Chasing this new money
And still got owed cash
Driving a new car
Pushin it like a old jag

(Verse 1)
Ayo fire is my specialty, peep the recipe
Heat it up and you'll always get the best of me
I'm doing more life, less internet
New job it's alright, the best benefits
I learned that time is money and I'm so hungry
I gotta eat so send it in a text
I like to be hands free
Man I'm so damn me that I cant even stand me
Cause I do it my way
Drive slow homie even thru my driveway
Thank God made it all the way to Friday
Cause its no switchin lanes on the highway
Gotdamn no switchin lanes on the highway?
How the fuck I'm pose to get on with my day
Channel flip while I'm sippin a latte
I feel like MJ, I feel like Bron James


(Verse 2 Doc Illingsworth)
Switch lanes, hit the blinker and proceed with caution
Heat exhaustion, the body sends signals that we need to harken
I’m chasin’ down leads, squeezed cheese from offers
Breakin down green weeds, wheeze and coughin’
Trick if you making lists leave me off em
My ego too often leading where we go
Talk is cheap and deceitful
But they want to see you sleep in coffins
My peoples are unique and awesome
Some visionaries, hittin’ dignitaries
Some pistol carry, for when the shit gets hairy
Now let the fear lift, let the gear shift
Grab a beer sift, let it creep up in you
I can reach a few, I can teach a few
Rest in peace to Q, I be seeing you
I can reach a few, I can teach a few
Rest in peace to Q, I be seeing you


Driving ms daisy with her old ass
Almost hit this kid on a moped
Stay off your phone while driving
Yo stay polite in traffic
Stay focus
Talk you shit like a grown man
Track Name: Hustle Matters
See my hustle cause the hustle matters
See my hustle cause the hustle matters
I hustle harder that's why my pockets fatter
I hustle harder that's why my pockets fatter


This ain't Innovative, I ain't in matrix
I'm waiting, I'm just being patient
Woulda been den did it wit the windows tinted
Yo it's been a minute made it thru winter
We was skating on em, we was spittin spittin
They was hating on us, they was jittin jittin
Ima emcee on the mic man, yo I been a menace goin 10 to 10
Keep a running business on the side side
Uptown you know my side
Call gang gang we gon slide slide
Off 6 Mile and hit V Live
This ain't rocket science, this ain't Bill Nye
I ain't missing no meal times
Time on clock get a mil time
Hit the kill switch for some chill time
I'm not looking for a come up, I just build mine
Shit can get lit just like Coleman Young and Bill Bonds
In the meantime, I need a billboard
I need some airtime, I need a runway
I need airline


Get up out the bed, make it happen
Got it slappin', bout that action
I'm up and at it like i'm an addict
Developed a habit, I did it off rappin'
It's more than just talent
It's more than just status
It's more a like a challenge
I don't lose my balance, I don't lose my balance
Money Mitch I'm returning the static
Go hard yeah it come around
Horse power yeah well endowed
Running running cross country
Love what sending out
Detroit, Iac Town, Flint City, Ypsi
New York, Chi Town, LA, Nipsey

Track Name: Top Billin'
I'm top billin, I'm not willing to settle
My top mission get a lock on my position
Stop wishin on my demise, you niggas is full of lies
Full of smoke and this aint a competition
But I'm inspired sat down and wrote this composition
From yo perspective I'm the Kingpin, top villain
In this universe we wearing suit
We do the work, we for the people
Separate but equal
Got money like a cop killing
On top of that I'm at the spot chillin
Cuban cigars, it's dark
An open bar and a bunch of hot women
Here you come with yo top killers
Bust down the door, huffin and puffin
You mad bout what I got nigga
Pro Tip, I'm loaded
Yeah I'm shot sending
I wanna talk business but you not wit it
Late in the summer dog days
'Cept niggas don't shed
You try to bring em life but they clock ticking
Wanna play hero here we go
Mask off, Mexican stand off
Quick and dead, I leave yo top spinning
KO, knock yo hat off now you a tad off
Tadow like you listening to Masego
You was left with two teeth
When I connected with this two piece
You fucking goofy I'm bruce lee
I been slappin since AK was smackin kufis
Since Sheef was slappin hoes and eating sushi
Before I was wearing the mask like Tom & Bootsy
It's not a movie, it's all in your head
Gotta running imagination, don't wanna see nobody dead
Already crazy and deranged when they poisoned us with this lead yeah
Street's is tragic
Ain't no crabs in a barrel
More like crabs in a basket
I wanna see more life, less caskets
But if I had the chance I'd get off on murdering you
Double jeopardy who is they ain't never heard of you
Then I get up in the morning and hit up Timmie Hortons like its nothing
Track Name: Mellow 5
Mellow 5
Written by Brent Blak Smith

(Verse 1)
Dark thoughts, cloudy mind, struggle mode
Close to heart like stories never told
Fold on em, that’s why I bought the Rose Gold on em
I broke hearts yeah stoled on em
Threw darts hit the bullseye, set the goals high
His close guys is like something gotta hold of em
That sweet rice enticing
When you got something nice
And the price is you holding something
I got a fortune coming, ff the hustle the legs
Get outta bed jump off the porch and run it
Yo 2 minute drill be like
Alright so on 4th we punt it
I get it back and on the 1st I’m gunnin
Came outta nowhere like off the bench
Analytics off the chart, I’m off the rict
Earthquake, perfect
Im not gon miss
I grew up playing chess, I grew up playing risk
Yeah we on the map, yeah we hit a lotta of licks
Yeah we watchin’ our Forex and we into politics
Don’t worry what we do from 9 to 6
I’m tryna pull up on the block with all kinda shit
Yeah im saucy but i don’t like condiments
Get the money, period
All kinda sense
Off principle, off principle

(Verse 2)
Living in exciting times
Passing mine with writing rhymes
Pop an E. Pill
Haven’t felt this way since ninety-nine
On The Run like renaissance
Petty like the Pentagon
now I got this telecom
To Tell em that my shit the bomb
Joking bout yo hair and line
Saying you should comb shit
Blow that shit
Daymond John
You should own that shit
On yo solo shit
Don’t never look back
Like mama said
Keep it all the way black
You keep it all the way black
And I’m all the way back
Return of the mac
I bodies these boys
Do it all on my mac
Ain’t no half steppin baby
This big daddy rap
You stuntin half crazy
Alternative facts
With them Anne Coulter tracks
When I break out it’s ill
Bust out the steel
Run this ish back
Cuz you know that’s real

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